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It all begins with a story.
Growing up I saw first hand how family is the backbone of good business. Working between the front office of my father’s tool & die business and washing towels and sweeping floors at my aunt’s hair salon, I had the impression that most people start their own independent companies. In fact, I knew very few people that worked for large corporations or brands (aside from the public school system). Although the perception that entrepreneurship is common is far from reality, that inherited confidence has driven me my entire adult life. 15 years after founding Russell Tree Experts with my husband, Joe, I am thrilled to start this passion project and to build an independent business focused on family and a sustainable local economy.
The idea to open Birdie Books comes from especially from the heart. Visiting my grandfather in his bookstore is one of my most favorite childhood memories. On occasion he would hand me an empty cardboard box and tell me to fill it to the top with books. Which ever books I wanted. It was incredible. His abundant generosity is something that all who knew him well still often recall. I think he was trying to impress upon me more than just being an awesome grandpa, though. Now I understand how important it is to share a good book, an important story, a point-of-view previously unconsidered, and how something as simple as a bookstore can provide so much opportunity and community support needed in society, no matter what the decade. Birdie Books picks up the book-baton my grandfather sat down 25 years ago. Perhaps now more than ever, we need to know each other well - books can bring us together. I’m so excited to meet you!